Monday, February 09, 2009

Beaded Bookmark

Here is another craft that I've started to get into - Beading. It seemed like fun, so why not give it a try. Of course, like many other things I start - I tend to take awhile to finish. I've made 1 pair of earrings and the below bookmark.

I saw this style bookmark in a Bead Magazine and wanted to try it out. One of my nieces (god-daughter) is an avid book reader. So, for Christmas this year - I got her a book (The Christmas Sweater - GREAT book!!) and this bookmark.

It's hard to tell, but the beads are a light pink and light green with silver spacers. This is the 'bottom' end of the bookmark.

This is the whole bookmark. The ribbon is SU! retired. I cut this a bit too long though for this type of ribbon - it is kind of a 'stretchy' ribbon. Overall though I think it turned out pretty nice. My niece also liked it, so that is what really matters!

Thanks for stopping by!!