Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Well, last night I worked more on my sister's scrapbooks. I am doing scrapbooks for her of her foster kids. Of course, that means I have stuff everywhere too! When I scrap - I tend to get even more things out than when I stamp cards. I've got to have all my patterned papers, ribbons, accessories, pictures, different layout ideas, etc right in front me. :)

Madison starts soccer practice tonight. This is her 4th season playing and she loves it. This Fall season we put her in the All-Girls league. She previously played co-ed, but in the Spring she had a tough go of it. The boys were a bit rougher and she didn't like that. So, we're hoping she'll enjoy this season just as much.

Mackenzie had her 2 yr check-up yesterday. She is doing well. We were concerned because her speech isn't where we think it should be. So, they are having me take her to a hearing specialist to have that checked first. We are also supposed to have what is called Early Intervention come and watch her play/interact to see where we might be able to help her along. She loves to play and is a bright child, but I feel so bad when she tries so hard to tell me something and I have no clue what it is she is saying. I keep telling myself that is the 'middle child' syndrome. :) Madison used to carry her everywhere, so she was late to start walking. So, I just think she doesn't say much because she has her big 'sissy' to interpret for her. We'll see - we're hoping for the best, but I'd rather know now and do what is necessary than to find out later. She's still just a little peanut - only 22 lbs. Her brother who is 5 months is almost 15 lbs already! :)

Lots to do today - I am picking up pictures that I took from our trip to the park this past weekend. I'm really hoping they turned out!! I can't wait to scrapbook those pages.

Ok - off to work on the scrapbooks that I need to get finished.

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