Saturday, September 23, 2006

Subscription Link

Ok - after much fiddling...I figured out how to add the subscription feed link to my blog! I usually don't have much in the way of problems with computer 'talk', but goodness....this really started to make me go crazy!!

So, be sure to add your email to get the latest and greatest posts from me - right in your email inbox!! LOL!! :)

I have a couple Halloween cards to post, but I need to download them off the camera first. I will try to put them up tomorrow - I normally don't make Halloween cards, but I got this particular stamp for free with an order.

Oohh - speaking of free.....I WON a FREE Inky Antics stamp!!!! YEAH!! I am so excited to get it and play. Every now and again on the IA Message Board they post what is a 'TAG' to a post. Those that upload to the gallery and link back to the original 'TAG' thread is then eligible for the free stamp. The selection is done randomly, so everyone has a fair shot at it. Anyway - I saw last night that I was the winner for the last TAG!!! How cool is that!! I picked one of the Girly Girl's - Coffee Girl. Super chic!

Ok - sure to sign up for my blog's feed!!!!

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asela said...

Congrats! I love their stamps. Can't wait to see your new cards