Sunday, September 10, 2006

What NOT to Leave out!

Ok, so I don't put away my stamping things. Yes - my dining room table is usually covered. This is because my stamp area is in the basement and I hate to be down there. So, I do everything I can to avoid having to go down there.

That said - this picture shows what I should NOT leave out!! This is my 2 yr old. She so curiously grabs my things off the table to inspect. Well, today she decided to inspect my BLACK STAZON pad!! OMGoodness! I'm used to her taking markers and drawing on my walls (although I'm not happy with it) and herself. This though caught me by surprise! I'm guessing she thought it smelled differently and wanted a closer 'smell' of it!!

Good thing though - it washed right off with some soap and water! Of course, my DH isn't too happy with me. This surely doesn't help my cause of leaving my things out for my easy access (which apparently is easy access to my 2 yr old too)! ;)


asela said...

What a cute story! Glad you were able to get the stains out.

Anna Wight said...

You should make her some pistachio pudding! That's what stazon smells like to me! ;)

Anonymous said...

AW, she is so cute. Glad to hear to came off so well. Stazon does smell good - as weird as that sounds.