Saturday, October 28, 2006

Round 3 Submission

Well, this is my Rd 3 submission for the Design Team. The picture is actually terrible. It looks washed out, so I am going to try to take another picture tomorrow and see if it turns out any better. I wanted to get it posted though just in case I can't get to it tomorrow. This is of Madison when she lost her 1st tooth - 10/17/06. Two days after I took this picture she lost her 2nd tooth - both on the bottom next to each other. Of course, she didn't even know she lost her 2nd tooth until I told her. She was playing with her friends and eating popcorn - somewhere along the way it came out. :)

Well, it is now 3am for me and I really need to hit the bed! My kids will be up nice and early for me, so I am going to get 4 hours at best tonight. I wanted to get this on my blog though because I was excited to finish it! Of course, if you could only see it IRL - it is so much better. Oh well!

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candy knode said...

Karen I can't believe it ...I haven't heard from you in ever so long and then tonite I amworking on a UDI swap and saw this card and a comment made and this link to your you go proud of you .No wonder i liked your card the best of all on scs!!!I am going to try it for the one layer swap...thank you for sharing..sooo good to see u again love and friendship always, candy