Monday, March 05, 2007

More Goodies

Ok - I have the absolute BEST friends evah!!! Seriously - my girls take care of me and know how to cheer me up!! This awesome assortment of goodies was sent to me by my best friend, Rachel (hey girl!!). I used to go to her house all the time so the kids could play (ok, so we could play really!). Then they moved for her DH's job. :( I've missed her terribly and the boys too! Thank you so much girl! You really have no idea how this made my day!!! THANK YOU!! I love all of these goodies and can't wait to play with them. And YES - I do plan to do a layout using the pictures you took ages ago of Trenton and I. I'll be sure to send them to you when I get them finished.

Thank you again girl - love ya!! Mwah!!!


emmie johnson said...

Wow! Lovely gift. Cheers to your wonderful friend. Such a sweet gesture. Good luck to you. hey! you could perhaps check out my blog on friendship greeting cards for some beautiful e-greeting cards and friendly tips.

mitchells2000 said...

I'm just wondering why your friend Rachel never sends ME stuff??!?!? Just Kidding!! Maybe someday I'll get into that circle! :-) I miss her, too!