Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sky Watch Friday (on Sunday)

Welcome to Sky Watch Friday!

How to participate in Sky Watch

1. Post your sky picture on your blog. You do not have to use a picture with only the sky in it and the picture can be taken whenever and not just on Friday.
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3. Enjoy the beautiful sky pictures of the other bloggers.

Again - I'm late, but I didn't take this picture until Sat. night. This is the historic Boone Hotel (Boonsboro, MD) after a fire Friday destroyed it. It is owned by the author Nora Roberts and her husband. It was in the midst of renovations and was set to open in June. Estimated damages are $2 million. While there isn't much of the sky - it is in the background. I took other pictures as well and was just astounished at the damage that was caused. Even buildings across the street were damaged from the heat.

Edited: The $2 million in damages estimate was for all 7 buildings that were part of the fire. I'm sure a good bit of that is tied up in this hotel, but the estimate given is for all buildings involved.


dot said...

That must have been some building to have 2 million in damage. I've read some of her books but can't remember what they were about.

quintarantino said...

Hello, that´s a terrible thing that happen here. Even so, always good to now some facts like this.