Friday, April 04, 2008

Long Time - No Blogging

Wow! It's been awhile again since I last blogged. Between being sick (myself and the rest of my family), computer issues (laptop was out of commission for a bit and still having issues), and just not having time - I haven't blogged.

Well - I decided I needed to get on today and post some things. I went away this past weekend on a scrapbooking retreat and got the following pages done. I'll post the others as well, but didn't want to cram everything into one post. These aren't the best pages, but then again, when I go on these scrappin' retreats - it is usually more a time for me to relax with friends and chat. So, my creativity isn't always with me!! :)

These are pages from a family reunion to Missiouri back in 2003. Did I mention that I'm always behind on my scrapping? I'm just proud of myself for getting this many accomplished!

I'll be back later to post some more pages!! Thanks for stopping by and sorry for the long time in between posts!! Happy Friday!!

Stampin' Hugs,

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