Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Stampin' Up! Retired Sets For Sale

I'm trying to clean out and have TONS of retired sets I'd like to sell. I'd be willing to trade for current merchandise as well. If you are interested, but not sure on the price - make me an offer. You can email me directly at I really need to clean out my stamp area - I keep finding things I forgot I had!!

Here are the status codes -
MS Minimal Staining
NS No staining
NU Mounted, never used
NUM Unmounted
PM Partially mounted
SS Slightly Stained
ST Stained
VS Very Stained

A Greeting for All Reasons $10.00 NUM
Alphadot Numbers $7.00 NU
Around the Block $5.00 NUM
Around the Block $3.00 NU SOLD
Best Friends Numbers $10.00 PM SOLD
Big Blossom $7.00 NUM
Big Pieces $10.00 NS
Birthay Best $3.00 NS
Brushstroke Alphabet Upper/Lower (some need to be reglued) $8.00 NS
Bud Basics $7.00 MS
Burst into Bloom $3.00 NS
Circle of Friendship $7.00 NS
Delightful Doodles $5.00 NUM
Festive Favorites $15.00 PM
Festive Four $3.00 NS
Groovy Lines BG $5.00 NU
Island Blossoms $20.00 MS
It's Your Birthday $12.00 MS SOLD
Itty Bitty Borders $3.00 SS
Merry $15.00 NUM
Mini Mates $10.00 MS
Mixed Greetings $5.00 NS
More Petal Prints $12.00 MS
Perfect Party $8.00 NS
Petal Prints $12.00 MS
Polka Dots & Paisley $10.00 MS
Polka Dots & Petals $8.00 MS
Polka-Dot Posies $10.00 NS
Quick & Cute $7.00 NUM
Riveting $7.00 NU
Sage Advice $12.00 NU SOLD
Season by Season $5.00 NS
Sketch a Party $10.00 NUM
Sketch It $12.00 SS
Snow Flurries $5.00 SS
Sparkling Summer $12.00 MS SOLD
Sweet & Simple $10.00 NUM
Taggers Dozen $10.00 NU
The Fine Print $7.00 NUM
Warmest Regards $7.00 NUM
Watercolor Garden II $10.00 SS
Words of Wisdom $12.00 NU SOLD
Bitty Bugs (Wheel - Standard) $2.00 SS
Daisies (Wheel - Standard) $2.00 SS
Snowflake (Wheel - Standard) $2.00 SS

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