Wednesday, August 23, 2006

First Day of School

Well - today was Madison's first day of school (1st Grade). I walked her into her class (and of course took pictures!). She was a bit nervous. We met her at the bus stop and she came running up to us. She had a huge smile on her face and overall had a good day! So glad to hear that - I'm always worried about what type of day she is going to have (I know - like I need another thing to worry about). The day was definitely quiet here. Both the younger kids took a morning nap, so I was able to join them. :) Always a plus!! Then our neighbors brought dinner over and we ate outside. The girls (Madison and Jamie) played while we got to relax - it was very nice.

I started to stamp last night, but haven't gotten back to it yet. I stamped some Whipper Snapper images (Anna's) and watercolored some. I really LOVE her new stamps - they are beautiful!! Now I can't wait to finish watercoloring and then making an actual project with them!! :)

Well - tomorrow is a work day, so I need to go. This will be the first day with getting Madison ready for school, the other kids up and ready for Grandma, and me off to work. Hmm - I didn't do well today with getting out the door and I didn't have to worry about work. Let's hope tomorrow is better and a bit more timely on my part!

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