Sunday, October 22, 2006

DT - Week 2

Ok - so this is the layout I submitted for the Week 2 challenge for the DT. Our challenge was to use 1 Manufacturer. As well as, only 1 of each item used. Only 1 word for our title. It seems easier than it actually was though. Like - ribbon could only be used in one couldn't cut it and use it in 2 spots. So, I chose Basic Grey Oh! Baby Boy for my line. I love BG and that was what I had the most of. I did go out and look about buying some things, but decided that I have way more than enough to do a layout right here!! :)

So, the voting has begun. This time we had to vote for 2 people. In total - 10 people will be voted off come Monday. I'm telling you - the suspense is enough to give a person an ulcer!!

Our hints for Week 3 have begun. The first hint was a picture of the Earth. She is giving us another hint in the morning. Then the actual challenge is announced Monday - after all voting has taken place.

I really had fun making this layout. I put a Basic Grey Wholly Cow Rub-on in the upper right corner of the picture. I thought it looked best there. I also did doodling in 2 of the 4 corners with my White Uni-Gel Pen. I printed Trenton's name on the computer. When I printed it out, I printed it in reverse. Then adhered it to the blue Bazzill card stock. Then cut it out. I really like how this looks - my first time trying this! I had tried to print directly on the card stock, but I think the 'weight' was too heavy because the printer kept kicking it back out to me. So, I went with this option and am so glad I did. This is the first page in Trenton's book. I did the girls first page layout the same way - their hospital photo and name.

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