Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Round 2

Well - I've made it to round 2 for the DT Call!! The next challenge is a somewhat difficult one (or more like I'm making it more difficult than needed). Our challenge - to use 1 Manufacturer's products for our page. That would be easy, except you have to limit everything you use to 1 - so, 1 brad, 1 ribbon, 1 pp, 1 cardstock, etc. Again - it all has to come from the same manufacturer, so if they don't make brads, well then you can't use it. So, I think I have the manufacturer I'm going to use. Just need to check my stash and see if I have what I need to make a decent layout! The competition is down to 51 of us!!! I swear my stomach was in knots waiting for the results of the first round. I know I will go through this each round that I get to compete in!

When I'm finished - I'll post my layout (this is the only place we can post our work - besides the actual site that is).


asela said...


Jennie said...

yay!!! congratulations and break a leg on the next round! ;)

Jenny Bamford-Perkins said...

Good Luck Karen!! I bet you will be chosen. Your work is gorgeous!