Monday, January 01, 2007


Well, it is officially 2007, so I wanted to wish all of my blog readers a wonderful New Year!! All the best to all of you in 2007!!

We didn't do anything special - just stayed home and watched the ball drop. DH was finally off for New Year's Eve, but we decided to just stay home with the kids. Of course, they were in bed way before now - none of them are feeling the greatest. My oldest 2 have head colds and my little guy is cutting teeth - which I still can't believe. He is already 9 months!! Time sure does fly - as I told my DH...I couldn't believe it was already January 1, 2007!!!


One of my resolutions for the New Year - updating my blog daily. So, I'm really hoping to keep this one...seeing how I have you all that will know if I break it. ;) Also R - she keeps me on track!! Love ya girl!! :)


Anonymous said...

Well HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! I like the fact that you are going to update daily!!!! You know I'll let you know if you miss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) I hope that this Year brings you more joy and laughter then you can imagine!!!

All my LOVE xoxox

Stamp Girl said...

Hi Karen ~ Your New Year's Eve sounded like ours ... home with our three little ones. :) Great New Year's Resolution!