Saturday, January 06, 2007

UGH!! This is starting to irritate me! It seems like ever since the New Year - every time I go to post on my blog with a picture....I get an error message. Again tonight - I have tried to upload a card and no luck.

So - this is causing problems with updating my blog daily as my New Year's resolution!! See - I make a resolution and this is what happens. :)

I'll keep trying tonight to post, but in case you don't see'll know why.


Allison said...

Hey Karen...this happens to me all the time too. I found though that if I posted my blurb, published it and then went back to edit the post it would actually let me upload the photo then! So, I don't know if it just a weird quirk for me alone, but you might want to try it yourself next time...

Cheers, Allison

Anonymous said...

Okay I'll let you use that excuse once **wink**wink**!!! LOL I hope that you are feeling better and I cannot wait to see your new post !~!!