Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Blogger's Challenge

I wasn't able to participate in this past week's Blogger's Challenge. I was going to try, so I didn't post sooner. However, as my week is turning out - it is going to be Friday again, so I figured I would just go for this week and pass on last week.

That said - the other Blogger Girls that did take on the challenge did an awesome job, so be sure to check out there blogs and leave them some praise too!! (You can find their blogs listed in my sidebar on the right.)

1 comment:

kimmiek said...

Karen .. you can't do everything. :}
You know that, esp., as a Mom!
Hope the family is well. I still love loooking at the card below anyhow.;]

I need to earn or trade up for a level three set now! I really love this set and crd..all because of YOU!