Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Lucky Me

For those that don't know - I'm an internet/online junkie! Well, one of the things I love is being a part of the message boards for particular stamp/scrap companies whose items I purchase.

Well - Inky Antics (IA) is a super great stamp company! I *love* their stamps - they have a style for everyone!! I met Jackie (Creative Director for IA) at a stamp convention this past weekend. I've *chatted* with her on the message board at IA and she is super sweet! There was a contest on the IA board this past week as well - it is called TAG. Well, guess what?!?!! I won!!! I am so excited - this is truly an *inky* week for me!! (The card that I submitted for the contest was posted earlier this week for the Blogger's Challenge. The contest winner is randomly drawn and my # was pulled.)

So, if you haven't checked out IA be sure to stop by. We would love to have you join the message board as well - it is free to do so and you'll probably see some people you already know over there. Go HERE to get to the board. Then you'll be able to take part in the TAG contests, color challenges, etc that go on over there!!

Well what did I win - you want to know??! The winner of the TAG contest gets to pick 1 stamp from the IA collection that they want. So, the stamp I'll be getting FREE for winning can be seen here --> Inky Antics. For some reason, I can't link the page with the stamp on it here, so if you go to the following links - Holiday---Season's Greetings---3rd page---4th image on the top called Holy Night. Isn't it an awesome stamp that will make perfect Christmas cards?!!!

So - want to get in on the next TAG contest? Then join the message board and come play!!


Flossie's Follies said...


kimmiek said...

whoo hoo whoo hooo
you da winner girlie :}
good for you!

Tex said...

Whoooop! Whoooooopp! You're such a great winner, Karen!


Summerthyme Studio said...

Congratulations!!! Cute card too!!!!