Monday, May 21, 2007

More Blogger RAKs

Thank you so much Allison for the RAK! I love the 'hidden' message (the circle piece slides open to reveal a greeting)! Thanks so much for thinking of me! Love checking out your blog - still don't know how you do it all girl! :) Just in case you haven't checked out Allison's blog (I don't see how you couldn't though - she posts TONS of information there), you can go to Stampin When I Can to see more.

Thank you Tammy for this awesome blogger RAK! I love these long notes and always forget to use them. Super cute! Thank you again! You can see Tammy's work on SCS in her gallery Tkfite. Also be sure to stop by her blog at Stamp with Tammy.

Thank you again to you both for brightening my day!!

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mitchells2000 said...

Love the cards, especially the first one! It's funny how so many people do the same thing (stamp) but come up with so many different styles and designs. It's awesome!
I recently posted some of my cards on my blog... you can view them here:

Enjoy! :-)